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Key elements,a perfect dialogue.

Your catalog always at your fingertips.

With Revo RETAIL, you organize your products and categories your way. Use the smart filters to find what you are looking for and see the suggestions for similar products.

Updated information.

Link the products with any information you need: sizes, colors, or any other variable. You will always see the availability of each product from all stores in real-time.

“Parked” tickets.

Revo RETAIL allows you to put a ticket on hold while you do something else. You can retrieve that parked ticket at any time from the menu.

The iPad camera, your barcode reader.

Use the iPad’s camera or a Bluetooth reader to read barcodes.


Online and offline operation, allowing you to continue operating even if the network connection is lost.

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REVO makes bulk selling very easy. We weigh customers’ containers before they fill them and retrieve the tickets when they are finished.

– Olga Rodríguez, Yes Future supermarket

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your business


Business configuration

Manage and analyze your business from any device with a web browser.


Chains and franchises

Manage common elements shared by several points of sale from a single database.

Our standard satellite apps




Solutions supported by Revo RETAIL

Satellite apps included

No additional cost

Business monitoring

Stock management

Customer display

Other compatible satellite apps

At additional cost

Reservation management


iPad stands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use Revo RETAIL in my business? +

    Revo RETAIL facilitates the day-to-day running of your store or service business.


    · Improve daily operations and communication with your staff and customers.

    · Manage your entire business from anywhere, anytime.

    · Analyze easily and in real-time what is happening in your business for better and more agile decision-making.

    · Connect your point of sale with the best software and hardware solutions, whether from REVO or third parties.

  • What devices do I need to use Revo RETAIL? +

    To use the Revo RETAIL app in your business, all you need is an iPad.

    You can access the back office using a computer or any device with a browser.

  • Can I try Revo RETAIL without obligation? +

    Yes. You can try Revo RETAIL free for 30 days. To get started, download the Revo RETAIL app from the App Store.

  • I have several stores, can I use Revo RETAIL in all of them? +

    Of course. In addition, with Revo RETAIL, you will have options that streamline management of a business with several points of sale (duplication of common elements, a single login to access several accounts, user permissions, etc.).

  • How many users can I add? +

    Revo RETAIL has no user limit, i.e., you can add as many users as you want. What matters is the number of devices and printers you want to use.

  • Will I then be able to upgrade and downgrade devices and printers at any time? +

    Yes. Revo RETAIL adapts to you and grows with you. You can upgrade or downgrade devices and printers at any time.

  • And will I be able to integrate Revo RETAIL with my current IT ecosystem? +

    Of course, if you have an ERP, an online store, etc. Check out all the many software integrations we can offer you. Likewise, we integrate with the leading hardware elements on the market: POS printers, bar code readers, scales, intelligent cash drawers, etc.

We move through the clouds.

And that’s a good thing

Our point of sale software complies with the Verifactu regulation.


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